Dad App: Baby Piano

Violet is at the stage now where “sitting quietly” is no longer her favorite pastime – not by a long shot.  She’s very fidgety, and very interested in exploring things around her.  Since she isn’t quite mobile yet, that narrows the field to whatever happens to be within reach.  And when she’s hanging out with Daddy, one thing is always within reach: my iPhone.

Which explains how I came to download an app called “Baby Piano” the other day.  I noticed Violet showing an interest in my iPhone whenever I would pick it up to check Facebook or e-mail or whatever the case may be, and it occurred to me that there might be, pardon the cliche, ‘an app for that.’

App Store Screenshot

Baby Piano on the Apple App Store Website

So it was mainly on a whim that I went to the App Store on my iPhone and searched for “baby.”  The majority of the results were pregnancy-related or otherwise designed for parents.  A handful, however, seemed to actually be designed with Apple’s next generation in mind.  I decided to take a chance on one that looked interesting – a multicolored keyboard.  There was a “Lite” version, so I figured I had absolutely nothing to lose by taking it for a test drive.

It’s a hit!  Violet loves to touch the keys on the screen to make the notes play or the animals make sounds (depending on which mode the program is in), and she’s even mastered the art of holding the iPhone in one hand while using the other to work the screen.  It’s insanely cute to see her doing that, and it’s encouraging to know that I have a mini-me in the works.  We’ll probably purchase the full version soon, but for now I can’t really see what’s missing from the Lite.  Visit the App Store for more information!

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