Sharing is Caring!

Katie-Bug's KQ Art Project

Last night we braved the snow – well, OK, there was only an inch or so of snow, but for some reason that’s more than enough to cripple the majority of our fellow Lexington drivers – to go to Celebration, our mid-week service at Quest Community Church.  While Mama and I were attending the first installment of a Christian parenting class as part of Quest U (more on that in a later post), Katie-Bug was with her friends in Kids Quest.  Last night’s topic there: sharing.

Which is particularly timely, as we’ve had a bit of an issue lately with Katie-Bug wanting to take toys away from Violet-Bug.  And that generally results in a screaming fit from both by the time we manage to take the toy back and hand it back over.  In a word, unpleasant.

So as you might imagine, I was quite hopeful when I picked Katie up last night and saw the art project above, a little card inside which she had pasted pictures of toys and food items under the headings “I can share my food” and “I can share my toys.”

What I failed to take into account, however, was just how agile that little brain is already.

Fast-forward to this morning, when we were on our way to the sitter’s.  Katie was in her car seat, generally looking out the window and not fully awake yet.  Violet was across from her in her car seat, playing with a stuffed Tigger that has recently become her favorite stuffed animal.  Suddenly I hear “MY Tigger!” and Violet screaming.  When I look in the rear-view, sure enough, Katie is sitting in her seat, nonchalantly hugging Tigger to her chest and looking out the window again.  (It was actually almost funny the way she tried to play it off… and incidentally, Chrysler, would it be too much to ask to move those two seats just a little further apart???)

But, being the good, Christian-parenting-class-attending parent I now am, I thought I’d seize what I saw as a teaching opportunity and a chance to reinforce what she’d just gone over last night.


“What?” (very innocently, remember).

“Sweetie, did you take Sissy’s Tigger?”

“It’s my Tigger.”

“Remember what you talked about last night at church?  About sharing?”

“Uh-huh.  Sissy’s sharing Tigger with me.”

Wow.  I really didn’t anticipate that one.  Good thing there are a few more weeks to go in that class!

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2 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring!

  1. Tiffany Lowe

    That truly shows how smart our children really are. As parents we try to get one step ahead, but it cannot be done!

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