Dad App: iWash My Cats

iWash My Cats at the iTunes App Store

Apologies for the recent inactivity – a particularly nasty stomach bug just made the rounds through the Kentucky Dad house.  Happy to report everyone is back to normal, though! RM

Both Violet-Bug and Katie-Bug seem drawn to my iPhone, which of course makes sense because the iPhone is awesome and they like cool things.  The problem lies in finding age-appropriate stuff for them to do with it.  This post looks at one of the first kid-friendly apps I downloaded: iWash My Cats.

The concept itself seems simple enough.  There are cats.  They’ve gotten dirty and need a bath.  You wash the cats.

It’s not a brain-bender by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a perfect introduction to the iPhone interface for a kiddo.  There are four steps to washing a cat: soap and water, rinse, blow-drying, and brushing.  Each step is accomplished the same way, by moving your finger within the outline of the cat to cover the whole area.  It’s repetitive, which Katie-Bug seems to love, and it seems to cover in an electronic way a lot of the same ground that might be covered with the old-school ‘color inside the lines’ activities from back in the (my) day.

The ‘Lite’ version seems to have three or four cats that cycle randomly.  There are more cats in the premium version, but I haven’t really seen any reason to upgrade since the limited cat selection still satisfies Katie-Bug just fine.  Plus, two of the cats happen to look like our two cats.

If you have an iOS device and a toddler mastering that whole hand/eye thing, you’ve got nothing to lose by following the link above and checking out the free version of this one!

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