Dad Review: Heaven Is for Real

UPDATE: I added in the cover pic, and also have links in this post if you want to buy the book on Amazon.  RM

As I start to write this, it’s 12:48 am on a Monday morning. Slightly more than two hours ago, I started reading Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back, the story of a little boy who stunned his pastor-father with recollections of a visit to Heaven during a stay in the hospital for appendicitis. My plan was to read for maybe an hour, mark my place and read some more later. I literally could not stop reading it and, having finished it, I can’t bear the thought of going to bed without sharing the book with all of you Dad Fans!

There’s so much I want to write but can’t because I want to avoid any spoilers. So I’ll try to stay general.

The basic premise of the book is just what I said in the intro: boy gets appendicitis, ends up in emergency surgery, spends a long time in recovery, then several months later begins talking about things that, as his Dad puts it, there would be no way that he could know. And he does it so convincingly it’s downright impossible to dismiss him.

I hate to leave the plot summary that ambiguous, but I don’t really think of this as my typical review. My goal is less to tell you what the book’s about and more to make you want to read it for yourself!

Heaven is for Real has performed well, particularly for a “religious” book. As such, it’s been in the media quite a bit. I saw it mentioned a while back on one of the network morning shows, and heard it profiled just last week on K-Love. The odd thing, though, is that for the past few weeks I’ve felt like this book has been stalking me in my private life.

It started a couple of weeks ago, when Mom called out of the blue and wanted me to see if I could find it and order it for her. I did, but due to a shipping error it was billed to her but came to me. I was moderately interested but not exactly eager to read it, so we sent it on to her.

A few days later, she and I were talking on the phone and she mentioned that she’d finished the book and really enjoyed it. She specifically mentioned how believable it all was. Slightly more interested, I asked if she could bring it the next time they came to visit.

Then yesterday I had an exchange via text message with our babysitter. She was also reading it and was blown away.

So Sunday after Life Group, I finally decided I’d give it a go. And boy am I glad I did!

It was a remarkably quick read, quite possibly because you feel swept along in the events and you mainly just want to see what happens next. The boy’s Dad, who wrote the book with Lynn Vincent, does an amazing job of getting out of the way of his son and letting him describe the incredible things he saw.

I really don’t know how else to put it. You need to get this book, and read it! If you’re a skeptic or seeker, Heaven is For Real will give you a lot of things to think about. If you’re a believer, then the tale will put a face on concepts theologians have wrestled with for years.

And now it’s approaching 2:00 in the morning. I have to be at my office in just over seven hours, but I couldn’t let this opportunity pass. Get Heaven is for Real today!

UPDATE: A reader has pointed out (thanks, Nellie!) that the little boy from this book and his parents recently came to Lexington, KY to share their story with a local church.  The article about their visit is here.  RM

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