Dad Faith: Join the Uprising!

In a couple of prior posts, I first alluded to my upcoming attendance at The Uprising, a conference at Quest Community Church (our church home).  The next day, I shared a couple of presenters’ blogs about the day with the promise that more would be forthcoming from me in a few days.  Here you go!  This post certainly draws a great deal on the points from The Uprising 2011 (which I’m still processing), but mainly traces how this blog grew out of the 2010 conference.  RM

Ive always had a weak spot for Celtic crosses, even before becoming a Christian. (See footnote for image attribution).

First and foremost, I want to introduce a new category to Kentucky Dad Life: Dad Faith.  I realize just seeing the word ‘faith’ anywhere is enough to send a lot of folks scurrying to the nearest exit.  I’ve been there myself.  But I beg you to stay with me – I promise I’m not going to proselytize or beat you mercilessly over the head with my Bible until you repent of your evil ways.  As a matter of fact, if I pull this off just so, you shouldn’t even notice much of a difference between this post and any of my others.

Now, that said, on with The Uprising!

You would certainly be forgiven for wondering why I, of all people, would take a day off work to attend a conference for pastors and church leaders – given that I’m neither of those things.  I certainly wondered that very thing last year when I attended the first Uprising.  But I emerged a few hours later from that day with a couple of major points ringing in my head:

  1. Everybody has a ministry.
  2. There are people who need to be reached who only I can reach.

If you take those two points together, you might see why I was a train wreck for several days following The Uprising 2010.  I have a ministry?  Me?  And who are these ‘people’ that only I can get to, God help them (literally)?  Crap, was that plural?

Eventually the dust settled enough that I began to see a few things that I already knew, only in a different light.  First: there are tons and tons of resources, be they books, magazines, web sites, or any other number of media, that cater to Mommies.  And I’m not knocking that.  However, the pickin’s are pretty slim for the Daddies of the world.  There are a few really good ‘Dad blogs’ out there (I’ve got some of them listed in my Blogroll to the right), but for the most part we seem left to our own devices.  Second: I like to write, always have, and have been told on occasion that the things I write are at least not painful to read.  Taken together, the two things seemed to be a solution to a problem I didn’t even know I had before Pete Hise and Perry Noble pointed it out to me at the first Uprising.

And from that initial brainstorm, through more false starts than I personally would have ever thought possible in the space of a single year, Kentucky Dad Life got its shaky start.  I set off wondering if I needed to be a “Christian writer” in order fulfill the calling I heard.  The more I tried that, though, the more I found myself writing in circles and not producing anything that would help or reach anybody.  It eventually occurred to me that I was trying too hard, that I was attempting to ‘create’ a voice rather than use the one I already had.  Honestly, on a scale from King David to Dave Barry, I lean a little toward the latter.  And besides, being a follower of Christ – if you’re doing it right – should make itself evident in everything you say and do.  I just needed to be who I am in Jesus.

My goal here has always been and will always be to share snippets of what life is like working with my awesome wife to raise our two little daughters, highlighting as often as possible things that might help other parents or maybe provide a bit of a diversion – be it poignant, humorous, or otherwise – from the hectic lives we all lead.  From a writer’s perspective, it’s always handy to have a well-defined audience.  And mine has the potential to be pretty large, since everybody in the world is either a parent, a kid, or both.

When all is said and done, this blog is about a Daddy who’s crazy in love with his kids.  That just happens to also be the same theme you find throughout the whole Bible.  This blog is my ministry!


Image Credit: This photo, “Celtic Cross,” is copyright (c) 2008 by Flickr user .and+ and made available via Creative Commons under an Attribution-NonCommercial-Sharealike 2.0 Generic license.

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