Dad Pic: How to Quickly End a Sales Visit

Mama’s stuck manning an interview table at a Saturday job fair, so Katie-Bug, Violet-Bug and I were playing dress-up this morning after breakfast. They were princesses, and I was the prince. This is my crown. Anyhow, about an hour or so into the playtime our doorbell rang. I typically ignore that sort of thing but, since we had the front door open to let light through the storm door, we couldn’t exactly pretend to not be home. I told the girls to hang out in their room and I’d go see who it was.

I forgot I was wearing the crown.

There were two guys with a clipboard on our porch. I opened the door and stepped outside. Smiled and told them both good morning, even.

I think they were selling home security systems, but I’m not sure because they didn’t make eye contact and they mumbled a lot. Meanwhile, trying to convey an air of friendliness, I kept grinning like a crazy person.

They backed off the porch, apologizing for interrupting my morning – which was strange, because I hadn’t really said anything that would have indicated I was in the middle of anything in particular. The girls were playing quietly in their room, so to the casual observer there wasn’t anything to suggest I even HAD kids in the first place.

I watched them walk backwards slowly down our driveway to the sidewalk, and they quickly disappeared down the street. I went back inside and was headed down the hall to the girls’ room thinking about what awful salespeople they were when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

Crown and all.

Lesson learned. After we finished playing dress-up, I hung my prince crown on the coat rack by the door. I’m looking forward to the next dinner- interrupting doorbell ring!

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