DadWire: From NASA – Epic Struggle Between Birds and Pigs Goes On With a Martian Twist

Introducing a new category here at KDL, DadWire!  I follow quite a few other blogs and news services, and I’ve shared information from those here before as DadLinks.  I’ll still do that from time to time, but this article from NASA was so awesome I wanted to pass it along in full.   RM

This color image from NASA’s Curiosity rover shows part of the wall of Gale Crater, the location on Mars where the rover landed on Aug. 5, 2012 PDT (Aug. 6, 2012 EDT). This is part of a larger, high-resolution color mosaic made from images obtained by Curiosity’s Mast Camera. (KDL thanks NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS for the use of this image).

WASHINGTON — NASA is helping pigs and birds explore the Martian
terrain and shed light on the agency’s missions to the Red Planet in
the latest update to the game Angry Birds Space. Rovio Entertainment,
creator of Angry Birds, announced the update Thursday, complete with
a cast of agency rovers and landers.

Earlier this year, millions of gamers were introduced to concepts of
microgravity in Angry Birds Space, which was supported through a
partnership with NASA and includes links to a variety of education

“Rovio is teaching huge new audiences about NASA’s missions to Mars
thanks to this collaboration,” said David Weaver, associate
administrator for communications at NASA Headquarters in Washington.
“It’s a great way to introduce both kids and adults to the wonders of
the planet in a fun and entertaining way.”

NASA participated with Rovio on Angry Birds Space under a Space Act
Agreement to share the excitement of space with the Angry Birds
community, educate players about agency projects and programs, and
collaboratively create interactive informational experiences for the

The game will include links to NASA web content about Mars exploration
and NASA missions that are represented in the game. The content can
be found at:

“We’re huge NASA fans, and we were all cheering the Mars Curiosity
rover as it touched down,” said Peter Vesterbacka, chief marketing
officer of Rovio Entertainment. “So, working together on the Mars
update was a perfect fit, especially since we got such an amazing
response to our previous collaboration, the ‘Angry Birds Space: NASA
announcement’ video, which quickly surged to the top of 2012’s viral
video charts. We’re thrilled to continue working with NASA. Stay
tuned for even more great fun and educational content coming up.”

For more information about NASA’s Curiosity rover and Mars
exploration, visit:

For more about NASA’s other missions and projects, visit:

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