Dadventure: Disney Diary, Days 4 & 5


Sorry for not keeping the diary going yesterday – combination of battery issues with my phone and wifi issues with my iPad. So here’s a double post!

Yesterday was great; we got a leisurely but still fairly ‘beat-the-crowd’ early start. We managed to meet Mary Poppins (by the carousel, of course!) and Ariel, in her grotto. We started the day at the Mad Tea Party – Mama and the girls got in line for that while I jogged off to pick up fast passes for Ariel. By the time I got back they had already ridden the teacups, but there was still no real line and Katie wanted to go again so we did.

We took in a lot of Tomorrow Land, including the Buzz Lightyear ride which was awesome. We rode the People Mover, which is a pretty good way to sneak in a short break from walking/ standing. I also requested a go-around on the Carousel of Progress, which is corny as all get-out (the ‘future’ looks an awful lot like the eighties) but still a neat experience.

Post-nap and lunch, we were able to squeeze in a few ‘standards’ including Aladdin’s magic carpet ride, Pirates of the Caribbean and Country Bear Jamboree (and I thought Century of Progress was corney!).

It was a lot of fun; we’ve still got a few things to hit for the first time but there’s quite a bit we want to revisit.

Today we drove an hour east from Orlando to visit the Kennedy Space Center. I’ll do a longer post about that later on. For now, suffice it to say I’m glad we went but it’s a hard place to take a two- and four-year-old.

This evening following supper (I brought my Crock Pot from home, so supper was waiting for us!) we hopped a ferry boat from our resort to Downtown Disney, where we hit a Lego store, the biggest Disney Store I’ve ever seen, and Mama went shopping in Basin. The boat ride, as you can see from the waterfront pic above, was quite nice.

Tomorrow’s another early day – the park opens early for resort guests, and Mama’s determined to be in the front of the line!

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